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Are you in the market for a new job? Then The Siegel Group may have something for you!

We are a mission support company for the U.S. Government and their partners nation-wide, and as a result hire employees to work at government agencies. Job security and promotions depend primarily on the skill and performance of the employee.

All job openings require personnel to have a level of education and experience equal to the job classification. In addition, we require screenings and an interview that considers the candidate’s attitude and work ethic. Most assignments require background checks and some require drug testing.

The Siegel Group insists on top-notch employees who can perform consistently at a proficient level for their job classifications. If you would like to work for The Siegel Group on assignment at a government agency and feel that you are qualified in the services we provide, please submit your resume of education and experience.

If you possess a strong, sound work ethic and would like to be considered for assignment at a government agency, The Siegel Group would like to review your resume.


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